Arthritis Walk '11 Pics

Here are some highlights from the Arthritis Walk 2011....

Team Esella participated in the Arthritis Walk for the first time last year, in 2011, and we raised over ....

$17,500 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!

Yes, we were BUSY. We worked HARD. And in the end we were the #1 team at the walk! WOO HOO GO TEAM ESELLA!!!

The walk day was fun, but exhausting! Most of our team walked the three miles (some did the one mile). Almost 40 people came out to support Team Esella.  It brought tears to my eyes later that day looking at the pictures of all the friends and family who love our daughter so much.

Here are some fun Team Esella Fundraising Facts:

Amount raised the first DAY of fundraising: Over $1000
Amount raised the first WEEK of fundraising: $4330
Amount raised in the first TWO WEEKS of fundraising: over $6000
Amount raised in the first THREE WEEKS of fundraising: over $9000
How many days it took to raise $10,000: 24
How many days it took to raise $15,000: 66
How many donors: over 300 people/families/businesses
How many fundraising events: 3 (Casino Night, Jewelry Party, Lemonade Stand)
Amount Katie’s mommy groups contributed: Over $1000
Amount our neighborhood donated: over $1000

The feeling we got every time another dollar came in…priceless

This whole experience has been so rewarding. A lot of work? YES. But rewarding. Spreading the word…creating awareness about this silent disease has been the most rewarding of all. 

And now....some pictures!

The finish line! We did it!!!


John and Makena...John and Justin were friends at Chico...

The Meyers Fam

These guys used to carry around beers and now they carry princesses in TuTu's....priceless

Melissa, Chris and CJ (and Babylegs #2 in Mel's belly...)

Katie with Megan and Lilyn..down from the 'ville.

My brother and Niece


Me and Darienne

Esella and Mak in the bounce house in TuTu's

Back into the bounce house!!

And yes...dogs get Arthritis Too! My cousin's dog Bandit decked out in the most amazing jacket EVER. TuTu included!

Jake also donned the awesome jacket!

Our little man slept through most of the festivities. Check out his onsie!

People have already asked “what did Esella think of it all?” Well…she thought the bouncy house at the walk was AMAZING and she loved seeing all the people…but she had no idea that all those people were there for HER. That all those people were walking for HER.

But we know. And we are beyond thankful to everyone. There really are no words.

You know how people say births and deaths bring family together? Apparently chronic diseases have the same effect. In the last month I have been able to spend time with my aunt (who also happens to have a form of RA, something I never knew until recently) and with my cousin...and it reminded me how much I love spending time with them...hearing the stories of childhood...and then add my brother to the mix and we had some amazing and HILARIOUS conversations about projectile pee over an amazing Dim Sum lunch...

Followed by relaxation and play...

My little man loves his feet!

Yes, it was a great and exhausting day! Thanks to all of you for your support!